2010 Confessions & Commitment

My phone just rang. I answered and said, "Hello Lisa, how are you?" And she replied, "I'm building Character. How are you?" I LOVED it. What a cool response. What a purposeful thing to say. I told Lisa that I'm STEELING that phrase this year. Because more than anything it will remind me of what I long to be each time it comes out of my mouth. A woman of character in everything that I do. Which actually means that I need to keep working on some things that seem to be taking me some time...years to achieve. (smile) No, this is NOT where my assistant Anita inserts, "AMEN, GLORY TO GOD! SHE SEES THE LIGHT!" (laughing) It's my New Year commitment. Removing anger from my life.

I have definitely had issues with anger from time to time that I keep thinking is getting better. But then something always reminds me, nope you're still allowing anger to rise up and take control. I probably don't need to give you any examples of that! (laughing) But I would like to take this opportunity to apologize to the Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Restaurant manager (laughing) when she told me, "We are sooo sorry but we JUST ran out of SHRIMP, would you like something else?" Now you have to understand that this kind of thing ALWAYS seems to happen to ME and it had happened twice, two days in a row, during my vacation in Orlando. So, I was NOT happy. I mean really, BUBBA's a SHRIMP joint! You JUST ran out of SHRIMP?!?! I said, "No, I don't want anything else. I'll just sit here and eat my crappy salad!" (laughing) And then I told her I felt better just calling my salad crappy! But when I got back to the hotel later that day, I looked at Anita and said, "That lady at Bubba Gump's probably didn't know I was a Christian, did she". I honestly felt bad because of the way I reacted. I realize I have no excuses, because the spirit of God inside me is always present to help me. Why is He always the last one we call on for help.

May we be more aware of the presence of God in our lives during times of anger this year. I'm not talking about the righteous kind. But the kind that is NOT character building! Nor Godly!

So my confession...our confession today should be, I confess that the Holy Spirit is producing His fruit in me and my character. I am filled with the mind of Christ; therefore, anger and outbursts have NO place in me. I am self-controlled, patient and kind. When others do or say something to me that hurts or seems unfair, I will respond in love. And by faith I will guard my heart and mind more closely so that the devil can no longer gain access to my life. Amen Amen. (Now this is where I insert, "OFF with your head devil-be gone!")

Ephesians 4:26, 27 Let not the sun go down upon your wrath. Neither give place to the devil.

Happy Wonderful Miraculous Adventurous Life Giving New Year. Let's stay close to Him in 2010.

Tammy T

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