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Monday, 17 June 2019 10:52

Here, you can listen to samples of the songs.  If you want to purchase, you can purchase individual songs here, or you can buy the full album from Tammy's STORE PAGE here on the website.

Saturday, 04 May 2019 17:35

"Yes, there are rainy days, but there are also SUNNY DAYS! Both are a part of the seasons of life, and they have their own distinct purposes. Troubles are all around us and they do not discriminate in their visitations. Problems are a part of life. It is also part of life to – if we choose – to find resolution and growth and healing in the challenges we face." - Tammy Trent

Saturday, 04 May 2019 17:09

TT - take us thru 4 songs on your latest project Sunny Days. What’s the “story behind the song”?

“I’M RUNNING” - I could see her trying desperately to make her way through the crowd to get to me as I was leaving my event. I thought, no worries, just one more autograph or hug. But then she stopped right there in front of me, smiling through her tears. I could see her struggling to find the words. But it was her words I journaled and will never forget. She said, "Tammy, I've been running my whole life chasing after thing that never seem to fit. I've been lost, broken and empty. But tonight I felt hope. I felt loved. I felt captured and not abandoned for the first time. I can't stop smiling knowing that I finally found where I belong and this is a new start for me. I want Jesus to be in my life". Amanda, I wrote this song for YOU and anyone else who is running....someplace. Keep running....but run straight to the one who will do more than just get your through the storm. You are never alone! Jesus says, I will be with you whenever, wherever and FOREVER! Matthew 28:20

“DON’T LET HIM BE THE LAST TO KNOW” - "Tammy - My husband went to heaven almost 3 months ago after complications from a car accident. I'm completely heartbroken, lost, angry & confused. Now I'm left 23 weeks pregnant with our first child and I don't know if I can do this alone. I'm trying soo hard to believe that God has a plan and that I need to trust His will. Can you please give me any words of wisdom on how to get through this? I know you understand my pain." I sat down and wrote this song for Emily. My words of love and wisdom to her and anybody else feeling a life crushing blow would be to allow the Lord to walk this road WITH you and promise that He'll ALWAYS be the FIRST to know exactly how your feel and what you need. He will never leave you alone. And as surely as the sun will rise HE will always come for you. - Jeremiah 29:11

“SUNNY DAYS” - Well I sat in the studio talking to my producer one day about this song I wanted to write. I told him I had the title for my new album written down on a sticky note on my computer at home for the last 3 years, and that I wanted to write a fun summer song reminding the listener to embrace the seasons of life, however hard they may seem....this too shall pass....the sun will always come out again....and with it comes new growth. God is soo committed to us and will never let us go. This is my song welcoming a new season of life on my own journey of loss and triumph, too. Yes, there are sunny days, but there are also rainy days. Both are a part of the seasons of life, and they have their own distinct purposes. Troubles are all around us and they do not discriminate in their visitations. Problems are a part of life. It is also part of life to – if you choose – to find resolution and growth in the challenges you face.

“WELCOME HOME” – What can I say about this timeless song? It has meant soo much to me since I first recorded it in 1997. I guess you’d call this my “signature song” and one I’m soo proud to sing. Not just because of the music, but because of the powerful lyrics. It’s a song about the prodigal coming back home because of the mercy of God. He’s always waiting for our return when we doubt the way or the truth and wander from time to time. I love that promise that He’ll never leave through it all. I still put this song on every set list I’ve written for my events. And now, I re-recorded it on my new album and gave it a new vibe without taking anything away from what made it so special 16 years ago.  

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