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Tammy spoke at our first ever women's conference recently and God couldn't have sent a more perfect person for the job! She was able to connect with every woman in the room whether young or older, married or single, seasoned Christian or the first time guest. God anointed her words and made them a specific and timely message for us as we grow into a sisterhood. If I could describe Tammy in three words they would be: beautiful, joyful, and spirit-led. We are so grateful for Tammy and all she is doing for the Kingdom!"

-- Kelly Seelow, Director of 1 SISTERHOOD, Bridge Church, Waukesha, WI.


We had Tammy Trent come to minister at our Ladies Fall Event. We had over 800 women in attendance ranging in age from 13 to 85! It is rare, to be able to find a speaker/singer who can engage an audience of women of all ages—and Tammy was able to do that with such ease! She connected with each one in a very real and tangible way. Her message is sprinkled with humor, music and transparency. Her life message is one filled with hope and encouragement! Tammy is an entertainer—to say the least---yet she is deeply in touch with the Spirit of God—whose ministry flowed through her the entire evening in a very powerful way. Some women came to faith for the first time—and others were strengthened and encouraged to keep moving forward in their faith---to keep looking for the ‘sunny days’ ahead! I would highly recommend Tammy for your Ladies’ Event! You won’t be disappointed.

-- Terese Rea, Women’s Ministry Pastor, Community Christian Church, Sterling Heights, MI.


"It was clear that Tammy Trent came to minister to our women from an honest and sincere place – a place where Christ is treasured first in her own heart. She wove humor, story, song, and grace together masterfully. She simply shared herself with us, and pointed us to a God who intimately knows us, and yet powerfully holds us, even in the sway of the storm. She was a delight and we are so thankful for the time Tammy spent with the women at Forest Springs!"

-- Karen Petkau, Women’s Ministry Conference Coordinator, Camp Forest Springs, Westboro, WI.


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Featured Article on Focus on the Family

As I sit here on my couch, staring out the window trying to find the words to describe my journey, I fight to hold back tears. I have known the depths of love, care, commitment and respect. There have only been a precious few things in my life that I have held closely to my heart. One of those treasures was the gift of my marriage.

I was just 15 years old when I met the one who would become the man of my dreams. I was sitting with my girlfriends in youth group when << READ MORE >>

Getting to know Tammy better with a little Q&A

Q for TT: You have faced tragic loss in your life losing your husband over 14 years ago now, what hope can you offer others dealing with loss?

I wish I had all the right words to take away their hurt and pain. It's such a long hard road. I'm not really sure that I have much to offer sometimes. But I have chosen to wear my heart on my shelve during my own journey back to life again, in hopes that it would help or inspire someone else to maybe be able to say, "Because of you I didn't give up." God is our ultimate hope. God is our ultimate healer and when we bring Him all our broken pieces, He will turn our ashes into beauty if we'll let Him. Healing takes time and I know it's hard, but we have to trust that God is STILL in control when everything else seems out of control. You are never alone and you will get through this....no somehow....but triumphantly.


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Stories Behind The Songs

TT - take us thru 4 songs on your latest project Sunny Days. What’s the “story behind the song”?

“I’M RUNNING” - I could see her trying desperately to make her way through the crowd to get to me as I was leaving my event. I thought, no worries, just one more autograph or hug. But then she stopped right there in front of me, smiling through her tears. I could see her struggling to find the words. But it was her words I journaled and will never forget. She said, "Tammy, I've been running my whole life chasing after thing that never seem to fit. I've been lost, broken and empty. But tonight I felt hope. I felt loved. I felt captured and not abandoned for the first time. I can't stop smiling knowing that I finally found where I belong and this is a new start for me. I want Jesus...


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Sunny Days

"Yes, there are rainy days, but there are also SUNNY DAYS! Both are a part of the seasons of life, and they have their own distinct purposes. Troubles are all around us and they do not discriminate in their visitations. Problems are a part of life. It is also part of life to – if we choose – to find resolution and growth and healing in the challenges we face." - Tammy Trent 

Something Beautiful

"My message today is bold and it’s clear. You will get through this. Not somehow, but triumphantly. We may have walked through horrible circumstances in life that have crushed our spirits, but this one truth I know: God’s plans and purposes for our lives are good. They were good at the moment we were created and are still good today. I know life is hard, but I also truly believe God is faithfully good and he has the power to restore the broken places in our hearts. Remember, God’s intent is never to leave you where you are in a place of hurt, but rather to move you to a place of wholeness and healing. I know that fear of the unknown can be overwhelming today, but try to keep seeking to be healed and finding something beautiful within the ashes. (Isaiah 61:3) I stand with you at this moment as a fellow traveler giving my pain purpose, too. We can’t give up. We just can’t!" - Tammy Trent

Tammy Trent

Conference Speaker

Tammy Trent is one of the Christian music artists who sings contemporary Christian music. She became listed among widows when her husband died in the Blue Lagoon Jamaica, September 11 2001. She is a Christian women's conference speaker.



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