Tammy Hosting on Life Today TV

This was such a special day for me at Life Today TV! 

It was my first time to actually interview 2 guests on my own and also tape a 30 minute water for life missions special by myself too!  Eeekkkk!!  Talk about nervous and a little scared!  But at the same time, I felt totally at peace knowing I was right where God had equipped and called me to be...and I was fully in the moment. Nerves and all. 

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Popular Christian Recording Artist, Speaker & Author Tammy Trent Joins Christian Talk Show LIFE Today TV as New Co-Host

Nashville, TN: Popular Christian recording artist Tammy Trent has been ministering to audiences around the world through her music since signing her first record deal in 1995. Starting December 2022, television audiences will see more of Tammy as she becomes the new co-host on the daily Christian TV show LIFE Today alongside the current hosts James and Betty Robison and their son co-host Randy Robison.

Tammy Trent has been a familiar voice on Christian radio since her music career began with hit songs such as “Your Love is 4 Always”, “Welcome Home”, "Run to The Cross”, “It’s All About You”, and “My Irreplaceable”.  Tragically on September 11, 2001 as America endured one of its greatest attacks, Tammy endured her own personal tragedy and loss when her husband of 11 years was killed in a scuba diving accident while on a mission trip in Jamaica. 

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Saturday Morning Coffee Shops

It’s 7:00am on a beautiful cool crisp sunny Saturday morning and I’m sitting in a coffee shop alone in downtown Nashville trying to “hold it all in”….but my tears testify in this photo.

Soo many things encompassing my life the last couple months, has felt like a big ole pile of stress, anxiety and disappointment. I’ve been overwhelmed to say the least. And if one more thing arises I might need to sit in an empty room and rock back and forth until it all goes away….OR I could also just sit on a beach somewhere! That seems more like my style!

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Chill in the Air!

I feel it all around me. The hot breath of summer has slowly changed to a refreshing chill in the air.

Change. There’s that word again!

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Will Your Anchor Hold?

All of us have faith, but will your anchor of faith hold in the storms of life?

Is your anchor of faith a true anchor? Is your faith built upon the truth of scripture? Is your faith tested? Do you know how valuable, revealing and full of love a faith in Christ is?

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Tammy Trent
07 June 2023
This was such a special day for me at Life Today TV! It was my first time to actually interview 2 guests on my own and also tape a 30 minute wate...

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