Finding Some Kind Of Joy

Finding Joy can be a challenge for alot of people. Especially during a year long pandemic when nothing has been normal. But when I talk about joy, I’m not doing so from the perspective of a bubbly person who never seems to have a bad day or questions WHY! Many of us think that joy means feeling good all the time. That’s impossible! Even for those who are naturally upbeat and optimistic, that’s impossible.

christmas treeAs I look to the scriptures I find that Joy is the settled assurance that God is in complete control of all the details of our lives and we can be completely confident that ultimately everything is going to be alright.

You’ll find nothing in my definition about happy feelings though, because, as we all know, happiness is fleeting and temporary. Happiness and Joy are two very different things.

There may be a ton of things in your life right now that are NOT making you happy, but please hold on and remember that the JOY of the Lord IS your strength. There is JOY in knowing that Jesus is in control when all seems outta control and this kind of Joy CAN bring you strength even when you feel you have none!

May your heart feel a little more settled right now as you rest in HIS Joy and HIS strength today, especially if you feel broken and sad.

Merry Merry Christmas to you all and praying that this New Year 2021 is brighter and better and hope-filled and healing and healthy and prayers answered for all of us.

A fellow traveler,

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