A New Season!

A new season has come and I continue to grow with each changing color and with each passing month.

My time in Michigan last month at Trent's resting place was beautiful. I spent about 3 hours there. Laying on my blanket, listening to our favorite music and reading my Bible. I laid on my back, staring up at the sky through the trees and listened to the wind blow. It was a beautiful peaceful day as I watched two white butterflies chasing one another all afternoon above me. There was healing in that moment. There was healing at that time.

Since my return back to Nashville I had been preparing for a handful of concerts with Greg Long, which was just completed last week end. I had a wonderful wonderful time. Singing with a band, laughing with friends, meeting new people, traveling and sleeping in a bunk on a beautiful prevost bus with 12 other people...not all in the same bunk of course! :)

I even got to sing two of my new songs. What an incredible feeling for me to share my testimony and sing a new song with tears streaming down my face as the audience would stand with an ovation of love to me each night. All I could think about at that moment was Trent standing in the back of those venues smiling at me as if to tell me he's so proud of me for not giving up. And Jesus standing right next to Trent with his hand on his shoulder, smiling, looking at me too. Maybe even saying, "There's our girl Trent, she's doing just fine...she's gonna be just fine!"

I am also beginning to take on some new bookings right now. We're being very selective about them, but I'm excited to get back out there a little. I have a wonderful friend and assistant who has been traveling with me and I thank God for her each day. My friend, Anita Rundell.

I still hope to have a new project out in the Spring of 2003. However, itwill not be with Integrity Music. I was really hoping it would be and likedthem very much, but unfortunately the contract was not in my best interest and I just can't take steps backwards in my life or career right now. That was so hard to walk away from, but once again I'm learning to trust in the Lord and His plan for my life even though most days I have no idea what that is. I just try my hardest to stay faithful to Him and rest in Him. That seems like a really good plan! (smile)

I received a call from Maranatha Music. Another Praise & Worship label that's been around for many years. I decided to have dinner with them last night here in Nashville. They want to do a project with me so I'm going to fly out to California to meet everybody in the next week or two. So please keep this new adventure in your prayers. I'm praying for a good contract and one that I can sign this time! (smile)

God bless you so much!

Love & Laughter,

Tammy Trent 

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