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Tammy Trent

Listen To Me Continually - 04/08/10

I don't know about you but I can always use a little more of the Presence of God in my life. Sometimes I get going sooo fast that I honestly forget to talk to Jesus or to "bring Him into the situations of life" with me. Ya know what I mean? Simple but true right! :) I was at a girlfriends house last night and she handed me this new devotional that she got by Sarah Young titled JESUS CALLING. Holly said, "honestly there isn't a day that goes by when it doesn't speak to my life on some level". I t...
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Tammy Trent

Lift Up Your Eyes - 02/08/10

This month is a really simple Devotional word for us all....LIFT UP YOUR EYES! Psalm 121 gives us a really clear picture of the way God cares for us in such a personal way and on a very personal level. "I lift up my eyes to the hills - where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth" (vv.1,2). The psalmist seems to say, just like many of us are probably saying today, (or screaming today) "I don't know where to turn for help". But then, I love this part, i...
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Tammy Trent

2010 Confessions & Commitement - 01/09/10

My phone just rang. I answered and said, "Hello Lisa, how are you?" And she replied, "I'm building Character. How are you?" I LOVED it. What a cool response. What a purposeful thing to say. I told Lisa that I'm STEELING that phrase this year. Because more than anything it will remind me of what I long to be each time it comes out of my mouth. A woman of character in everything that I do. Which actually means that I need to keep working on some things that seem to be taking me some time...years t...
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Tammy Trent

Knowing God in Both Ways - 11/19/09

What a simply incredible week end it’s been spent here in Niagara Falls Ontario. I flew up yesterday to join the 100 Huntley Street Women’s Conference and we had a blast last night. Women came from all over Canada, but in particular there was a special group of Women that came from an Indian Reservation 14 hours away. They were sitting in the very back of the room, so I thought it would be cool, toward the end of my set, to get off the platform and make my way through the crowd all the way back ...
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Tammy Trent

Get Out Of My Way! - 10/08/09

Focus on your God and not your giants. Yikes. Can someone teach ME how to do that too! :) Have an attitude of victory and not defeat. Now that's how I wanna live! :) I know that we're all going through different seasons in our lives right now. Some are moving into that NEW season and some may feel like you're lagging behind and you can't seem to get out of your season. Take a moment right now to look at what's right in your life and not what's wrong. Do your realize that GOD determines your dest...
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Often we hold on soo tightly to things in our lives or our own way of thinking because we don’t want to change or it’s just soo hard to let go.But God cannot redeem what we will not release.Maybe we forget that He still holds the power to heal and to...

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