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Tammy Trent Releases NEW Album "Sunny Days", NEW Website Announced, and BOOK TT for Your Next Event

New CD "Sunny Days" Award Winning Singer/Songwriter, Author, & Speaker TAMMY TRENT returned August 6th with her highly anticipated studio release in almost 5 years and shines brighter than ever. "This musical offering has brought me to the most beautiful season yet on my personal journey from love to loss and into a deep understanding of God's faithful commitment to us through life's growing moments." Her new album, SUNNY DAYS, is packed with infectious melodies and is lyrically covered with...
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30 January 2019
Often we hold on soo tightly to things in our lives or our own way of thinking because we don’t want to change or it’s just soo hard to let go.But God cannot redeem what we will not release.Maybe we forget that He still holds the power to heal and to...

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