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There's Sunshine in My Life - 02/20/03

Today is another rainy day in Nashville but somehow I always manage to find a little sunshine creeping through the clouds. I'm finding that there is great strength when you search for sunshine in your life. Never let the clouds cover you for too long.

I wanted to let you know that I did decide to record "You're Worthy Of My Praise" with Maranatha! Music. It was my first time back in the studio in about 2-1/2 years and what a special moment for me it was. Singing while staring out the window at a pasture of horses and farmland. It was hard to hold back tears at times just longing for Trent to be there with me just like old times. And in the middle of that, it was good to be able to sing, that Lord through it all, even though I hurt, even though I don't understand, You are STILL Worthy of my Praise. You see, at the very moment I lost Trent in Jamaica, all I could do was reach out my hands toward Heaven asking Jesus to help me and then I began to sing every Praise song I could think of. It was the only thing that calmed me down, it was the only thing that comforted me. Praise & Worship has always been special to me, but it is everything to me now. It was leading me to a place of peace and rest at the very moment my world was falling apart.

You'll be able to find that song in stores April 22nd on the Maranatha! album titled, "You're Worthy Of My Praise", which also features songs from Cindy Morgan & Chris Tomlin just to name a few. "You're Worthy Of My Praise" was also sent to every radio station in the country this week. I'm thrilled about it and what an honor for me to have a song like this on the radio for the first time. Hopefully you'll hear it soon in your area.

This month CCM Magazine did a beautiful story on Trent and I. It is my testimony and heart.

Valentine's Day was actually beautiful for me this year. I went out with two other Ladies that had lost their husbands in tragic unexpected accidents. We had so much to share together as we came back to my home after dinner and looked through some photos and walked around my home. There were laughs and tears but mostly the presence of God surrounding us and still mending our broken hearts. I was encouraged when Angela told me that it took her 3 years to remove her wedding ring and she still hasn't dated after 5 years. I felt normal because I have NO desire to date or go out with a guy even as "friends". It still feels like I lost Trent just yesterday. I feel like I still leave the light on for him to come home. It's gonna take alot of time to heal...probably the rest of my life. And that's OK! God is with me and this ring is such a covering in my life. It is safety to me still. It simply sends a message that I'm not available. (smile) God is fulfilling my needs right now and teaching me that He is all I will ever need. That's soo hard for me, but I need to learn it and know it for real.

Thank you soo much for all your constant love and prayers. I'll keep telling you how much it means to me. (smile) I still get hundreds of emails weekly and I enjoy reading them so much. However, I don't have the time to read any forwards or mass emailings about Viagra, Ink Jet Cartridges, Louisiana Cooking or how to make $200 weekly stuffing envelopes! (LOL) So, if you could please remove my name from forwards that would be sooo helpful to me and give me time to respond to all your personal ones. (smile)

Anita is working out soo well and I'm soo blessed to have her in my life. What a women of God she is. And so so supportive of me. She's just part time with me now as she also has an awesome Web Design Company. So if you're in need of any Web work, you have to call her. She's the best! https://www.completefaithwebdesign.com Take care & look for the sunshine today!

Love & Laughter,

Tammy Trent 


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