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Tammy Shares Her Heart - 11/30/01

First of all, Thank you soo much for all your continued love and prayers. I still really really need it. Sunday was Trent's 33rd Birthday. There are so many "first's" right now in my life without Trent. Today I walked into my home after running an errand and I just stopped at the door...I couldn't go any further. I felt the tears running down my face as I was trying to catch my breath. It was one more moment of realizing that Trent himself won't ever be inside these doors waiting for me to walk in again. I was starting to feel like I was going to fall apart and all of the sudden I spoke out loud to myself, "Tammy, You're OK! There is probably someday praying for you right now. You're gonna be OK! Take a deep breath. Someone is praying! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Jesus!" There was a definite peace that fell over me as I began to take my next step. Thank you! Thank you to soo many of you for covering me with your love and prayers daily. It's helping me fight for life!

Today I received my 2002 Salt Lake City Olympic running outfit. I cried. It was supposed to be for Trent and now I will wear it in his honor. The side of the sleeve on my jacket says, "Light The Fire Within". Another powerful statement in my life today!

I will be running on Sunday, December 16th at 7:00am in the Madison, TN area. My Relay segment will be on Gallatin Parkway from Historic Manskers Station to Shephard Hills Dr. Someone pointed out to me today that my name is on the olympic website as a runner. https://olympics.coke.com/torchbearers/tb_g_frameset.html. (click on "who's running" and scroll to Tennessee to find it) I thought it was soo neat because it say's Tammy Lenderink and not Tammy Trent. That will truly be the day when I am 100% Tammy Lenderink, the wife of Trent Lenderink.

If you think to say a special prayer on that day for me, I'm quite sure I will feel it. I hope to honor Trent while glorifying the Lord in all that I do...and I pray that Trent will get to see a glimpse of my life on that day! For he has truly lit the fire within my soul. I will run while the wind carries me...and I shall be Free!

Much Love,
Tammy Trent


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