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A New Year! - 12/28/02

Another year has just about past me by. I can hardly believe it. I thank God for His strength inside of me that gets me through. Although healing surrounds my life daily the pain of missing Trent and all that I knew still follows me. I laugh about our times and memories and I cry about our times and memories that have been lost.

The Holidays have been beautiful for me. I just got back from Michigan and spending time with my family. With the snow falling down Christmas Eve I turned off all the lights when everyone went to bed, except the Christmas Tree lights. I sat there in the silence for a moment and wondered what kind of celebration was going on in Heaven and what part Trent was playing. I missed him sooo much at that moment and couldn't help but to sit and cry in the silence of the night. It was peaceful to me even with tears streaming down my face.

I'm still putting my life back together and taking new steps of faith along the way. I do have excitement in my heart as I'm trusting in the Lord for my future. Sometimes that's easier said then done. But I'm trying. I have hired a part time assistant and her name is Anita Rundell. Anita will be working part time in my ministry office and traveling with me on the road. She starts January 1st and I feel so blessed to have such an incredible support system in my life. Trent loved her, too! (smile)

Negotiations are still underway with Maranatha Music, but we're nearing the end I think. We're both very excited to be working together. So hopefully this is it. Meanwhile, they've asked me to sing on one of their Praise & Worship Projects that is currently in the making and due out this Spring. It's the titled track "You're worthy of my Praise". If I'm able to do it, they will fly to Nashville on the 7th of January and we'll record it here in town.

Speaking of recording, I'll be flying to a studio in Austin, Texas January 9th through the 12th to record my two newest songs, "New life has just begun" and "Father God" with Pete Orta. The tracks are sounding amazing and I can't wait to sing them....straight from my heart. Hopefully I'll make them available to you sometime in February.

I'm traveling more this New Year, so if I'm in your area, please come out to see me. I would love it.

God bless you all soo soo much. Hold one another soo close this New Year and draw closer to the one who loves and cares the most for you in every way. Jesus!

Love & Laughter,

Tammy Trent 


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