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The Log Family Book
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"The Log Family" Hardcover Book - by Trent Lenderink & Tammy Trent
Children's Potty Training Book



Tammy co-penned the hilarious & brilliantly illustrated Children's Potty Training book with her late husband Trent Lenderink who sadly never got to see his work completed.

Let Uncle Trent introduce your potty-trainee to the Log Family, and soon you'll be laughing your way out of the diaper stage and into many happy bathroom experiences. Toddlers will learn how to recognize that a visit from the Log Family is imminent. They'll discover that the Log Family especially loves it when the handle on their special swimming pool is pulled and a thrilling water slide swirls them around and down to a private Log Family beach. Soon you and your toddler will be sending the Log Family on their merry little way with their favorite farewell: "See you at the beach!"

Age 1 & up
Includes: Potty Training Tips


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