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Life is tough I know, but don't make the mistake today of thinking that God is not interested in your problems, concerns, hopes or dreams! Because the trust is that scripture makes it really clear that God hears and DOES answer our prayers. I love that and needed that reminder today myself! I totally understand that we all experience times when we wish God would respond immediately and when He doesn't we can begin to feel soo abandoned and completely defeated thinking He's just too busy for us. But we need to step back from the situation and ask ourselves, What could be the reasons for His delay?

Maybe it's our priorities and simply thinking that our situation is way more important than our actual relationship with Him. Like our attention is totally misdirected perhaps. It's like our desperate prayers and thoughts are so fixed on our need that we begin to shift away from Him and all He's brought us through already. Maybe God is delaying His answer until we are in a place of truly focusing on Him. And honestly other times I believe it's just God's timing and waiting on certain things and people to line up in our lives.

I believe it is in these times when God ultimately is trying to stretch and grow our faith as we see Him responding to us no matter how fast or slow.

And let's not forget the ever popular "wrong motives" and our "sin nature" that may keep God from His answer until we are ready to make things right.

Soo much to think about really. But the bottom line is that God is STILL in the business of answering prayers. The question is, are you and your personal life ready for Him? Clear away the debris today and any extra trash that might be blocking Him from doing what He really longs to do....which is....BLESS YOU LIFE WITH ANSWERED PRAYER!

A Fellow Traveler,

Tammy Trent

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