Get Out Of My Way!

Focus on your God and not your giants. Yikes. Can someone teach ME how to do that too! :) Have an attitude of victory and not defeat. Now that's how I wanna live! :) I know that we're all going through different seasons in our lives right now. Some are moving into that NEW season and some may feel like you're lagging behind and you can't seem to get out of your season. Take a moment right now to look at what's right in your life and not what's wrong. Do your realize that GOD determines your destiny, NOT people and honestly His goodness and mercy are chasing you down every minute of the day. Isn't it great to know something good is chasing you down every day and not just creditors, ex's, deadlines or empty promises!

Here's a visual for you. David and Goliath. David was focused on the size of his God and not the size of the problem in front of him. Everyone tried to discourage him saying you just can't do this. You're not smart enough, you're not strong enough, you're not big enough, but David knew who he was. A man of God who was anointed and called and get this, fully equipped. I love his boldness and uncommon faith. He had more than average faith. He believed God would do uncommon things if he believed in uncommon ways and released his faith.

If you feel like you have a BIG giant standing in your way at this very moment, then allow me to speak into your life. You have been made to be victorious. And little by little, step by step you will defeat this thing. You will come out better than you were before. Do not give up on the promise that God has put in your heart. The devil is fighting you sooo hard because your victory is sooo close! Change your attitude today about it. Be encouraged and speak words of life into your heart ache. I'm drawing that line in the sand myself and claiming victory, too. We will overcome this obstacle that looks impossible, because God says we will and God says we can. Takes the limits off of God today and watch Him begin to do amazing and uncommon things in your life! Alrighty then! Where do I sign up! :)

Bless you,

Tammy Trent 

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