Tammy spoke at our first ever women's conference recently and God couldn't have sent a more perfect person for the job! She was able to connect with every woman in the room whether young or older, married or single, seasoned Christian or the first time guest. God anointed her words and made them a specific and timely message for us as we grow into a sisterhood. If I could describe Tammy in three words they would be: beautiful, joyful, and spirit-led. We are so grateful for Tammy and all she is doing for the Kingdom!"

    -- Kelly Seelow, Director of 1 SISTERHOOD, Bridge Church, Waukesha, WI.

    We had Tammy Trent come to minister at our Ladies Fall Event. We had over 800 women in attendance ranging in age from 13 to 85! It is rare, to be able to find a speaker/singer who can engage an audience of women of all ages—and Tammy was able to do that with such ease! She connected with each one in a very real and tangible way. Her message is sprinkled with humor, music and transparency. Her life message is one filled with hope and encouragement! Tammy is an entertainer—to say the least---yet she is deeply in touch with the Spirit of God—whose ministry flowed through her the entire evening in a very powerful way. Some women came to faith for the first time—and others were strengthened and encouraged to keep moving forward in their faith---to keep looking for the ‘sunny days’ ahead! I would highly recommend Tammy for your Ladies’ Event! You won’t be disappointed.

    -- Terese Rea, Women’s Ministry Pastor, Community Christian Church, Sterling Heights, MI.

    "It was clear that Tammy Trent came to minister to our women from an honest and sincere place – a place where Christ is treasured first in her own heart. She wove humor, story, song, and grace together masterfully. She simply shared herself with us, and pointed us to a God who intimately knows us, and yet powerfully holds us, even in the sway of the storm. She was a delight and we are so thankful for the time Tammy spent with the women at Forest Springs!"

    -- Karen Petkau, Women’s Ministry Conference Coordinator, Camp Forest Springs, Westboro, WI.

    Tammy Trent is one of the most humble, inspirational, gifted, energetic, Christian speakers/artists around. Her music and her message are salve to the soul. She's so transparent about her life and faith struggles. We had women ages 18-90 present at our event and every age group left saying the same thing, "she's absolutely wonderful, I feel so encouraged and I'm glad I came". Oh yeah, they all had a "little dance" in their step as they were leaving. You gotta love that!

    -- Lisa Clements, Ministry Coordinator, Yada Sisterhood

    Tammy Trent came to our Women's Conference with an energetic joy of the Lord. She shared her amazing voice and testimony of victory through the devistation life sometimes brings. She is a delight to know. We would love to have her back again one day.
    -- Debbie Symons, Community Worship Center Women's Ministries, Perryton, TX

    Although I had no desire to go to this event, I ended up going anyway because my Grandmother bought me tickets. I now have her to thank because if it weren't for her I would not have gone. And then I wouldn't of had the experience that I was able to have this weekend. Tammy Trent is truly an amazing woman of God. She is also fun, funny, and such an awesome outgoing speaker. Her message reminded me that I am not alone in this world, and I don't have to hide my feelings and that God is always there for me, even when I feel all alone. I am not a big reader but I am so excited to get started on her book "Beyond The Sorrow: There's Hope In The Promises Of God". I would like to say thank you to everyone for putting this Event together and for getting Tammy Trent to come and speak & sing at a Women's Sanity Night. Tammy, Thank you so much for coming and being so real. God is definitely guiding you in the right direction!! I have to see you again!! I have been truly blessed to have heard your message that you shared today. It really meant something to me!!
    -- Siana Marie - Event Attendee - Norwich Worship Center, Norwich, CT

    Tammy's Thursday evening program and Friday morning devotions gave everyone the feeling that she was just one of them dealing with all the same “stuff” each of us goes through. She has such a beautiful way of not only telling her story well with the focus on Jesus, but living in a way that validates her words. We had soo many encouraging responses after our event. Here's what some of the women were saying:
    "I reconnected with God and my daughters by Tammy Trent’s testimony and awesome songs of praise." 
    "I could totally identify with Tammy. Such a Godly and inspirational speaker that ministered to my need." 
    "Tammy Trent’s story, spoke volumes and there are things I will take away to apply to my own every day struggles." 
    "Tammy was so heartfelt and inspiring that it moved me to tears (a lot of them) & I needed this spiritual cleansing." 
    -- Candace Davison - Women's Ministry Coordinator, Sandy Cove Ministries, North East MD

    Tammy was just at our church in the Spring and everyone is raving about her. The joy of the Lord is truly her strength. Tammy took us from the valley to the mountain top like a gazelle. The love of Christ radiates through her and touched each one of our lives. She speaks with such sincerity as if from God, and through it we experienced laughter, tears and then pure joy that made it a day to remember. We had 21 professions of faith, lives changed & many ladies encouraged. What a blessing she was to our event! 
    -- Sunny Buskirk, Ladies Ministry Coordinator, The Avenue Church, Waxahachie TX

    Tammy spoke and sang at our Fall Ladies Retreat at Camp Ao-wa-Kiya, Shelby, Michigan. The first thing we would say about Tammy is that she is 'just the real deal!' There are no pretenses there. She is so genuine and it comes out in her gift of speaking and of course her gift of music! So many women continue to share about the impact made on their lives, making forever decisions and changes never to be forgotten. Many have shared they have never experienced anything like it. That is the work of the Holy Spirit through a humbled servant!

    -- Pastor Bill and Sandy Bennett, Camp Ao-waKiya

    I can’t begin to tell you how much the ladies enjoyed the COLORS conference with Tammy Friday & Saturday! We have received sooooo much positive feedback from the women who attended. They were moved, inspired, and enjoyed it soo much! And it’s not that they enjoyed a “performance”, what we have heard is that they could see what God is doing through her and what He continues to do through her ministry. And how her story touched them in a very personal way in relation to their own life experiences. They were entertained and inspired! Some comments I have heard are “she is sooo funny”, “I laughed one minute and cried the next”, “laughter through tears, I loved it”, “I can’t imagine – look at how God has brought her through that – it gives me hope”, and on and on. We know it was a “God thing” that Tammy was our keynote speaker at our conference – God put all the puzzle pieces together into a beautiful picture of His love and faithfulness and Tammy is that perfect piece that just fit right in!   Given her large platform, she could be all “uppity, and full of ego”, but Tammy never acted like “a celebrity”...soo humble and nice. I can see God’s light shining through Tammy and she doesn’t allow the ego to get in the way. That, to me, speaks volumes about her love for others and for God!
    -- Shelly Asbill, Serendipity Women's Ministry, Christian Life Church, Austin, TX

    “We were truly blessed to have Tammy speak at our Women’s Conference. She connected with ladies of all ages in a real and tangible way through her humor, music and honesty. Many women were moved to let go of whatever has held them back from their full potential in God and left the conference changed. Tammy was the highlight of our event and we can’t wait to have her back!”

    -- WCTL Radio, Erie, PA 

    WCTL 2014 Rejoice, Refresh, Renew Women's Conference Survery Quotes:
    This event touched my heart in sooo many ways. Tammy was just what I needed and related to all of us with passion. She is so real and energetic. It is nice to hear speakers that have been through the hard parts in life and being vulnerable. We cried, laughed & worshipped. What a fantastic day! 

    "Weeping may endure for the night, but joy comes in the morning..." (Psalm 30:5) Grateful for the powerful testimony of Tammy Trent today @ #rejoicerefreshrenew @ Grace Church!  Moving moment when everyone tore up the things that hold them back from living into the fullness of His presence (Psalm 16:11) and laid them at the foot of the Cross, where grace & suffering meet.  Humbled to trade ashes in for beauty.  Smiled & laughed thru tears as Tammy shared, "Joy can't be dictated by circumstances.  Never interpret your numbness as God's absence.  There is never a time Jesus isn't present."  If you've never heard Tammy's story, you need to.  She lives out Nehemiah 8:10 in the midst of tough life circumstances.  Thankful she showed us today what the joy of the Lord as her strength looks like.  Remember, keep movin'.  Hang on.  Let go. And PRAY!"

    -- Erin Beckerink - Erie, PA Women's Conference Attendee

    Tammy was our Women's Luncheon guest speaker for our Lutheran Leadership Conference and was truly inspirational. Her personal story of the healing power of faith left all of our attendees charged up, ready to share the Gospel with more people and be a light to others. Tammy is a true blessing! She was professional, warm and engaging. She was the perfect addition to our conference. It was truly a pleasure working with both Tammy and her assistant Anita.

    -- Becca Jones, Sr. Vice President, Lutheran Church Extension

    We received many calls and positive comments after Tammy’s visit. My heart has been touched by the spiritual awakening that happened. Our busy lives seem to drain us of our energy and spiritual health. Thanks to Tammy for her willingness to share her personal journey through intense lost and God’s redemptive healing. She is a gifted singer and story teller that took us from laughter to tears and back again. What a great night!

    -- Cindy Colvin, Women’s Ministry Coordinator-Palmerdale United Methodist Church

    Because Tammy has been willing to remain open to the Heavenly Father in the darkest and most trying time in her life, she has become a beacon of hope to others who are facing challenges which seem to have the capacity to overwhelm them. Her joy is contagious, her songs life giving, and her teaching sets the captive free.

    -- Pastor Ruth Chironna, Church On The Living Edge - Release Women's Conference, Longwood, FL

    "I can't tell you how many ladies have come to me to share their inexpressible joy! Our ladies absolutely fell in love with you. We just didn't know what to expect! You were so amazingly energized, funny and animated that you ignited and sparked life back into many dry places. But at the same time you so sweetly and sensatively ministered by being so candid, open and vulerable. You touched so many hearts; ladies were drawn in and left changed. You are not only beautiful, but the beauty and light and life of Jesus truly shined and we were priviledged to sit under its glow."
    -- Phyllis Muscanell - Women's Ministry, Calvary Tabernacle Assembly of God, Schenectady, NY

    "Anita - Thank you soo much for everything, we absolutely loved you both. Tammy was incredible…she is the total package!! We are hearing all kinds of great responses and women of all ages really loved her ministry. We were all just blown away!"
    -- Alane Gorman, Director of Operations, Just Joy! Ministries, West Falls, NY

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