These 3 new TT Radio Singles started impacting radio on February 21st. You can help in a BIG way by calling & emailing your local Christian Radio stations and requesting her new songs. They need to know you want to hear them!

"FALL AT YOUR FEET" - We often think of Worship as being the songs that we sing to God on Sunday morning. We can often make it about the music. But really it's who we are and the way we live our lives that counts before God. Our worship must engage our spirt in the pursuit of truth. That's the type of person the Father is out looking for and this Worship song that I wrote, is my way of responding to Him in my pursuit of truth. The amazing truth is, HE alone is our shelter, our hope, our healer, our passion, our peace and our mighty rock and redeemer in the very midst of life and all the ups and downs it can bring.




What, if anything, should we fear? Nothing. I will fall at your feet and I WILL WORSHIP YOU, JESUS through it all. (John 4:23, ESV)

"SUNNY DAYS" - Well I sat in the studio talking to my producer one day about this song I wanted to write. I told him I had the title for my new album written down on a sticky note on my computer at home for the last 3 years, and that I wanted to write a fun song reminding the listener to embrace the seasons of life, however hard they may seem....this too shall pass....the sun will always come out again....and with it comes new life....new bloom....new growth. God is soo committed to us and will never let us go. This is my song welcoming a new season of life on my own journey of loss and triumph, too. Yes, there are rainy days, but there are also amazing sunny days. Both are a part of the seasons of life, and they have their own distinct purposes. Troubles are all around us and they do not discriminate in their visitations. Problems are a part of life. It is also part of life too - if you choose - to find resolution and growth in the challenges you face. (Psalm 103:15-16, ESV) 

** NOTE: The original Welcome Home was a top 10 hit in June of 1997
"WELCOME HOME" - What can I say about this timeless song? It has meant soo much to me since I first recorded it in 1997 and it became a huge top 10 radio hit for me in June of that year. I guess you'd call this my "signature song" and one I'm soo proud to sing. Not just because of the music, but because of the powerful lyrics. It's a song about the prodigal coming back home because of the love and mercy of God. He's always waiting for our return when we doubt the way or the truth and wander from time to time. I love that promise that He'll never leave through it all. I still put this song on every set list I've written for my events. And now, I re-recorded it on my new album and gave it a new sound without taking anything away from what made it so special 16 years ago. (Luke 15:11-32)



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